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Creative Development Space

Creative Development Space is a repurposed empty building in Woolwich Arsenal providing people Pay What You Can space to test new ideas, play, & create work.

Theatre, comedy, cabaret, drag, music, dance, puppetry... there are no rules on what art is in this space - come and create.

Types of space

Dance 5

Looking to rehearse your next play, trial some choreography, R&D a new idea? We have large, medium and small rehearsal rooms which can be booked for individual days or weeks at a time.

Izzy Studio

Costume designer looking for a place to sew? Musician looking for a place to play? Do you need a space that is not your bedroom to make your work in?Small studios for creative makers: private studios, co-working space and hot-desking options available.

Basement storage

Priced out of storing your set in London? Want to re-home/recycle your set in an environmentally responsible way, but need time to do so? Shared basement space to store set, costumes and props. 

About Creative Development Space

Supported by the Dancers' Development Fund


Creative Development Space is kindly supported by the Dancers' Development Fund, a charity which provides training and development opportunities to dancers, performing artists and the general public. The DDF is excited to be launching this new project to offer facilities and open space to creatives in London to develop their practice, train and explore new ideas. 

DDF is supporting Creative Development Space by providing the building; without them we wouldn't be able to run the project.

Pay What You Can Donations

Creative Development Space does not currently have any funding to support its activities, it is running on time & support that is donated by people.  


Whenever you 'Pay What You Can' to use any of our spaces, this money will go back into running and improving the building. Your money might be spent on things like:

  • Day-to-day running costs that enable us to remain open

  • Fees to pay people for their time when working on the project

  • Purchasing things we need for the building e.g. fan heaters, chairs, tables, a fridge, etc

  • Improvements for the building: we want to make this space the best and most useful it can be              e.g. we would love to make one of the rooms into a self tape studio!

When the project comes to a close, any money that remains unspent will go towards bursaries for people studying in the performing arts from low income backgrounds. These will be awarded via the Dancers' Development Fund.

Support Us

Help us keep our doors open and make our spaces better for our community.


You can support us by:

Donating money - We are currently unfunded and like everyone we need money to both keep us afloat and to develop the space in exciting ways. Currently we have lots of empty rooms with so much possibility, any donations help us to make the space better for the creatives who use it.

Donating time - Not everything revolves around money! If you would like to support the project, donating your time is a super useful way to do so. We need people to do things like:

  • Sit on reception (you can work on your laptop on your own projects while you do this!)

  • Do some cleaning e.g run the hoover around

  • Admin support e.g. answering emails about room bookings, inputting bookings into our calendar system

If you think you could help or support us in another way - tell us! We'd love to hear from you.

To get in touch about donating to the project use the form below.



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